Wild Rose Botanical Bath Salt Tube

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These bath salts are perfectly size in a 2 oz glass tube with a cork lid.  Vessels can be reused when empty as specimen displays for dried florals, collected leaves or other curiosities.  Available in 6 fragrances.

Passion is a enchanting blend designed to promote relaxation and bliss for the body and mind. A softly sweet and floral mix of Mandarin and Bulgarian Rose with the intriguing spice of Cardamom. Ideal for sharing, or enjoyed alone as a practice in self-love.

Solstice is a balanced blend designed to gently detoxify, purify and rejuvenate the body, leaving your skin soft and radiant. A calming balance of extremes, this complex aroma has a little something for everyone. Our first choice for cleansing and rejuvenation.

Cocoamint is an invigorating blend designed to nurture tired muscles and refresh the mind. This mineral-rich soak is deliciously scented with Organic Dark Chocolate extract and Oregon-grown Peppermint.

Moonlight is a dreamy, floral blend with earthy, sweet undertones. Made with organic Jasmine extract, traditionally known as “the night queen” for her soothing effects. Ideal for a centering time-out when feeling overwhelmed. Soak in Moonlight just before bed to prepare for a restful, rejuvenating sleep.

Heirloom captures the sweetness of Summer in a comforting bath to enjoy year-round. This nurturing soak is scented with Organic Peach, Vanilla and Mandarin for a deliciously sweet, genuine aroma.

Raven is a calming blend designed to detoxify the body and ease the mind - a scent reminiscent of the damp and diverse forests found in the Pacific Northwest. This intriguing, meditative aroma has become one of our most popular blends.

By Wild Rose Botanical.