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Arrows Harbor

$ 86.00
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Inspired by the incoming waves and outgoing tides of the shoreline comes the new Coastal Collection. The Harbor design has a touch of natural weathering in the form of stained arrows mixed in with painted arrows. Limited Edition collection featuring Seafoam, Harbor and High Tide arrows.

Set of six arrows, two of each colorway. Colors are: River Mist arrows with rich blue and white marbled feathers with white stripes, Gypsy Teal arrows with white feathers and white stripes, Stained Mosaic Blue arrows with gray and white striped feathers and white stripes. Silver tips.

Available in two sizes: Mini 16" and Tall 28" Length.

Made for decorative use, shooting them from a bow will most likely make you look like a terrible aim.

Shown in pictures on our signature white rail display. Rails are available in the Display section of our shop. Set sold here does not include Rails or other photo props.
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