Elements of Aura Empower Crystal Grid

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Enter into a new era of living your best life with this total energy makeover! This kit is designed to: 1 cleanse the old patterns and stuck energies that keep us small. 2 uplift your spirit and feel your own radiance. 3 open you up to receiving the divine energy of the universe. The beautiful earth energies inside aligns you to your highest state of flow and will help you get on track for manifesting a life you totally love!

Each kit contains crystals, hand dyed sacred geometry mat, 3 intention cards and instructions.


Clears away unwanted energies. Opens the
3rd Eye. Inspires the deep peace of divine
femininity. Aids in connecting with your
guides and angels. Unlocks the door to
ethereal realms and strengthens intuition.



Opens and aligns the heart to the purest form
of love - love for one’s Self and love for life - by magnifying one’s capacity for compassion. Releases emotional patterns that no longer
serve you. Soothes body, mind and spirit.



Protects + purifies. Very grounding. It’s slight magnetic charge dispels negative thoughts
and feelings, which is cleansing on deep levels.  Especially useful to keep around stressful environments.

Sacred Geometries are known to have a unique high vibrational energetic signature. We use them in combination with crystals to align with the energies of what we aim to manifest.

The Flower of Life is the physical representation of the sacred, the divine, in each of us. The symbols of harmony and unity housed within it radiate the pure, powerful cosmic vibrations of life itself.

Our mats are small-batch hand-dyed in the USA, and no two are alike! 100% cotton with shimmery gold graphics.


• Crystal + Sacred Geometry Info Cards

• Simple "HOW TO" Guide

• 3 Intention Cards - so you can use this grid over and over!


*Please note, the size, shape, and color of the natural elements included in this kit can vary, but the energy is always equal.


By Elements of Aura