Apophyllite and Stilbite Crystal Cluster Specimen 404

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This specimen features a base of transparent to translucent Apophyllite crystals in varying sizes that are beautifully detailed and pronounced giving bits of pink and peach colored Stilbite the illusion of having been sprinkled over top of the Apophyllite.

Apophyllite is considered a geode and represents a specific group of Phyllites. It is most often formed with other minerals from the Zeolite family; in this specimen, Apophyllite is paired with Stilbite, the most common of all the Zeolites.

Together, Apophyllite and Stilbite emit vibrations of love and healing and are high energy crystals that increase spiritual consciousness. They can be used to bring clarity to negative emotion allowing it to be replaced with uplifting feelings of peace.

You will receive the specimen pictured.  Measures approximately 7x4x2.5 inches.