Citrine Quartz Crystal Cluster Tower Specimen 558

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This specimen of Citrine Quartz has been cut into a pointed hexagonal tower with five smooth sides that showcases the transition from its dark brown rocky back to a semi-translucent quartz middle, leaving an exposed front full of stunning, honey colored crystals beautifully displayed.

Citrine, named after the French word for lemon, is a member of the quartz family that varies in color from bright yellow to orange and brown. Its color is the result of superheated iron inclusions and the shade it becomes depends on the concentration of iron at the time of crystallization.

Most commonly known as November’s birthstone, Citrine is a powerful crystal that is capable of driving away angry thoughts and feelings while encouraging forgiveness, happiness and optimism.  It is also associated with a wide variety of physical healing properties such as improved digestion, increased blood flow and a strengthened immune system.

You will receive the specimen pictured.  Measures approximately 2.5" x 1.5" x 3" tall.