Elements of Sage Protection Sage Bundle

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Cleanse your sacred spaces with this beautiful and meaningful sage smudge bundle.

Mountain Sage, Oregano, Bay Leaf, Cinnamon, Tansy Blossom, Straw Flower and Black Crystal.

Bring in the Fall Season with vibrations of love, comfort, protection and magic. Oregano embodies warmth and happiness. Bay Leaf is used in banishing rituals or to break a curse. Cinnamon amplifies your intentions with its fiery energy. Tansy Blossom wards off evil. Black crystal is used to disperse negative energy and protect against spells. The smoke from dried sage clears emotional and spiritual negativity.

You will receive an information card with each sage bundle purchase. The information card lists the sage bundle ingredients, healing properties & sage burning directions.

Happy Cleansing!

Size Large 9"x2"

By Elements of Sage