I Like It Here Club Muse Ring

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A light in a secret garden, a lush green jungle of strange plants and alien flowers, a bed of ideas and energy: calm, revitalizing, like California citrus and ancient myrrh, an alchemist, the powerful force behind new life.

  • 6x4mm black spinel
  • 10k yellow gold
  • Size 5 in stock, please email for other sizes. Custom orders take 4-8 weeks to fulfill.

By I Like It Here Club

I Like It Here Club is a fine and demi-fine jewelry line created by designer and goldsmith Yeager in Wilmington, NC. Named after her grandfather Fred's morale-boosting club as a young soldier in WWII, each heirloom piece is handmade with the intention of reminding the wearer that he or she likes it here, wherever that may be. The brand promotes positive energy, adventure, and reflection, daydreaming and night dreaming and clear, pure joy.