Specimen Blue Green Chrysocolla Malachite Crystal Cluster

Specimen Blue Green Chrysocolla Malachite Crystal Cluster

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This amazing specimen of Chrysocolla is a vibrant blue-green or teal color and is lightweight with a rough, porous outer appearance that upon closer examination, is actually groupings of small, thin, blade-like granules that give the illusion of open pores on its surface.

This unique characteristic is the result of a rare geological occurrence that caused Chrysocolla to form after fibrous Malachite, leaving only small traces of its original crystalline structure. It’s amazing color is the result of the chemical reaction between its copper inclusions and water.

Chrysocolla is a wonderful stone that emits a gentle calming energy that is good for healing physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments such as high blood pressure, anxiety, and inner disparity. The presence of malachite allows the pain from these ailments to be absorbed by the stone and offers relief, peace, and joy in its place.

You will receive a specimen similar to the one in the photos.