Specimen Seafoam Caribbean Aragonite Calcite Crystal Tower

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These magnificently unique specimens of Caribbean Aragonite and Calcite are cut and polished into obelisk shaped towers that feature a vibrant mix of blue-green, white, gray, and brown color and very large, incredibly detailed crystalline formations that perfectly resemble waves crashing against a dreamy beach shoreline.

This combination of Aragonite and Calcite formed as layers of carbonate material, with different mineral inclusions (which determine color), collected and crystallized in different formations on top of one another and was named for its uncanny resemblance to the colors of tropical sand and water.

Caribbean Aragonite and Calcite has a powerful calming energy that releases stress and anxiety and offers peace and tranquility in its place through relaxation, restful sleep, and lucid dreaming that rejuvenates the spirit, restores imagination, and inspires carpe diem; living for today without fear for tomorrow.

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You will receive a specimen similar to the one pictured. Measures approximately 3-5" tall and 1-1.5" wide, at the base.