Large Green Chlorite Phantom Quartz Crystal Cluster

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This absolutely stunning specimen of Green Phantom Quartz, or Chlorite Crystal and Chlorite Quartz as its sometimes called, is wonderfully patterned with vibrant green color and features large semi-transparent crystal points that sprout up from a crystalline base and are covered in tiny cactus-like crystal needles which give it a fascinating “fuzzy” appearance.

Phantom crystals, like this one, form by undergoing two or more different crystallization processes at different times; in this case, clear quartz began to grow after green chlorite, leaving remnants of its original color and structure visible beneath the surface of the quartz, while a third crystallization process produced the layer of thin needle crystals over the larger ones.

Green chlorite produces a powerful healing energy that especially targets the physical body and stimulates detoxification, purification and cell rejuvenation.  The addition of quartz further intensifies these properties and provides a strong spiritual connection that encourages emotional healing as well.

You will receive a specimen similar to the one pictured.  Measures approximately 3.5" round and 4" tall.