Pink Amethyst Quartz Crystal Slice Specimen 541

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This beautiful specimen of Pink Amethyst is cut into a slice with smooth polished sides and a rough natural edge.  It has wonderful veining and variation of color from white to light and dark shades of mauve pink, bright coral, and emerald green color.  It also features a cluster of stunning, semi-transparent, pink colored crystals along one of its edges!

Pink Amethyst is considered extremely rare and has only been recently discovered in Argentina and Brazil.  While it can be found in shades of pink that resemble that of Rose Quartz, it can be distinguished by its crystalline growth pattern and gets its color from inclusions of Hematite rather than Manganese.

Similar to its relative Purple Amethyst, Pink Amethyst promotes the physical and spiritual cleansing of negative energy from the body and mind and radiates peace, protection, and purification with the addition of a strong connection to the heart that encourages feelings of trust, understanding, and forgiveness.

You will receive the specimen pictured. Measures approximately 5" x 3 x .5" thick.