Purple Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Tower Specimen

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These stunning Rainbow Fluorite Crystal points feature dark shades of purple, green and blue and have a transparent glass-like appearance that allows their incredible color and internal crystalline structure to be seen from beneath the surface.

Fluorite, or Fluorspar, is perfectly clear in its purest form but is also allochromatic, meaning it can be tinted with color.  Mineral inclusions, and their concentrations at the time of crystallization, determine Fluorite’s variety of pigment and specimens of almost every color have been discovered from all around the world.

Known as the Genius Stone for its ability to enhance the physical and spiritual mind, Rainbow Fluorite emits a strong but calming energy that increases concentration and focus and relieves stress and anxiety by quieting a chaotic mind and promoting clearer thinking, especially in difficult situations.

You will receive a specimen similar to the ones pictured. Measures between approximately 3/4-1" across the base and 3-4" tall.