Goddess Provisions Amethyst Moon Phase Crystals

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Amethyst Moon Crystals: unique ritual and divination tool. Made from amethyst, this set of Moon Wisdom Crystals will act as an anchor to help align with each lunar phase, as well as offer wisdom and guidance for deep questions.

Included with each crystal set is a guidebook describing the wisdom of each of the moon's eight phases, as well as guidance for both new and full moon rituals.

Each crystal measures approximately 1.25" and the set comes packed in a muslin bag.

How to Use Your Moon Wisdom Crystals.

🌙 Set them on your altar.

🌙Ask for guidance by pulling a crystal from the bag, then read the mantra and guidance in the guidebook.

🌙 Carry the crystal representing the current moon phase with you to connect deeper with its energy.

🌙Hold during meditation.

By Goddess Provisions