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Delight your senses with our Healing Tibetan Rope Incense! Rope incense is an inherent part of Nepalese culture and is used for various religious and spiritual purposes. It smells lovely and offers a calming aroma (slightly spicy & fruity) that promotes physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being. 

This Healing Rope Incense is handcrafted in Nepal by Women Artisans using traditional medical methods with high-quality, all-natural ingredients. Raw incense powder is wrapped and then twisted into ropes with handmade paper. Each Bundle has 20 ropes stunningly wrapped and ready to gift!

Ropes measure: 3 inches with a 30-minute burn time per rope. Included is a one-of-a-kind & colorful hand-painted burner! These beautiful Bundles make a thoughtful & unique gift.

*This Incense is a Fair Trade Product

*Place the thicker end of the incense rope in the provided burner and place it on a fireproof dish. Ignite the thin twisted tip, and then relax into the soothing aroma!

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