Heirloom 1940s (Sweeatheart) Locket

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What goes around, comes around. And where our last era can now be again found; and also, quite possibly, where soldiers took Prince Albert’s original romantic gesture and cue and cut out heart-shaped photographs of themselves intended to be worn by their paramours until they returned from distant shores. A modern day definition of (a) relationship long distance that is now passed from one romantic generation to the next.

Each locket is one-of-a-kind, and in some cases, over 100 years old. Each has unique wear and tear that adds to the charm and history of the piece. 


Locket #1 (1940s) is the quintessential locket, featuring a heart shape, scalloped edge design and flower basket in the middle. Measures 0.75" by 1"

Locket #2 (1940s) is a larger heart, engraved patterns on the front and the former's owner's initials. Comes with vintage photographs inside. Measures 1" by 1.25"

Locket #3 (1940s) is a stunning double locket design that opens from the middle and also opens at the small heart. Design elements include a scalloped edge, matte finish, and sweet flower in the middle. Measures approximately 1" by 1" 

Locket #4 (1940s) is small and sweet, reminiscent of a box of chocolates. Features a beveled edge and engraved elements on the front. Measures approximately 0.75" by 0.75"


Collected by Mineral and Matter