Green Fluorite Quartz Crystal Cluster Specimen 436b

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This Green Fluorite quartz crystal cluster features a natural bottom and beautiful emerald green crystals on top.  Even though it's color appears dark and matte from a distance, the crystals have a translucent glass like appearance when held in the light allowing its internal crystalline structure and quartz inclusion to be seen from the surface.

Fluorite or Fluorspar in its purest form is clear but is considered allochromatic meaning that it can be tinted with color. The impurities found within Fluorite determine its pigment and specimens of almost every color have been discovered all around the world.

Known as the Genius Stone for its ability to enhance the physical and spiritual mind, Fluorite emits a calming energy that can be used to quiet a chaotic mind and promote clearer thinking, especially in difficult situations.

You will receive the specimen pictured.  Measures approximately 2.5x2x1 inches.