Quartz Crystal and Pyrite Specimen 411

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This stunning piece of Quartz and Pyrite shines from every angle with a metallic glitter and has a top that is absolutely covered in small cluster bursts of quartz crystal towers.  Many of the clusters appear to radiate from a center, crisscrossing over one another and into surrounding bursts keeping your eyes focused and moving from one burst to another.

Quartz Crystal is a hard crystalline mineral made of silicon dioxide, or Silica and is found in metamorphic rocks. In this specimen, it is combined with Pyrite: a metallic mineral made of iron sulfide which is also known as Iron Pyrite and Fools Gold.

Pyrite is considered a protection stone that shields against negative energy and is amplified by the healing properties of Quartz. Together they are believed to promote an overall positive state of spiritual well being.

You will receive the specimen pictured. Measures approximately 6x3x2 inches.