Bohemian Rêves Desert Fleur Perfume Mist

Bohemian Rêves Desert Fleur Perfume Mist

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Hands down our best selling botanical perfume. Natural, botanical, unisex. Hand-crafted. The cactus flower opens among the dunes for only one night and folds as the sun rises. Where warm summer nights meet sweet sultry days we’ve captivated this rare and intoxicating beauty with balancing notes of grounding rosewood and delicate vanilla flower.

Desert Fleur is a captivating blend of patchouli essential oil and natural vanilla, blended to perfection, with either organic sugarcane alcohol (for the mist) or golden jojoba oil (for the roller). Both hand blended in our atelier and finished in our heavy weight geometric glass vessels.

Mist: Organic sugarcane alcohol I Pogostemom cablin (Patchouli) I Natural vanilla

Made by Bohemian Rêves