Elements of Aura Abundance Crystal Grid

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Abundance is that feeling when your heart is so full that your grinning ear to ear, and you just want to jump and 'squeeee!!!' if you haven't had that feeling in a while, this ritual is for you, babe.

Be a magnet for "More" with this ritual for your home and work space! With the abundance crystal grid you'll open a direct line of communication to that great source energy that makes everything go and manifest all the things!

Each kit contains crystals, hand dyed sacred geometry mat, 3 intention cards and instructions.



    Thee “Abundance stone for manifestation. Aligns your energy with the vibration of prosperity.. Enhances clarity, creativity and confidence. Energizes every level of life with joy and vitality.



    The Everything stone. Healing, uplifting, amplifying. During crystal meditation, hold the stone in your left hand and focus your minds eye in the center of the stone to magnify the power of your intent.



    Stone of optimism and opportunity. Opens the heart to joy. Carry it with you during times of change and growth for it's supportive energy and positive outlook. Assists in embracing challenges.

Sacred Geometries are known to have a unique high vibrational energetic signature. We use them in combination with crystals to align with the energies of what we aim to manifest.

Considered one of the most powerful symbols, the Sri Yantra represents the balance between the masculine and feminine, the energetic harmony of the Universe, and the abundance of life.

Our mats are small-batch hand-dyed in the USA, and no two are alike! 100% cotton with shimmery gold graphics.


• Crystal + Sacred Geometry Info Cards

• Simple "HOW TO" Guide

• 3 Intention Cards - so you can use this grid over and over!


*Please note, the size, shape, and color of the natural elements included in this kit can vary, but the energy is always equal.


By Elements of Aura