Gliese 504 Scrunchie in Ulysses Butterfly Organza Tie-Dye

Gliese 504 Scrunchie in Ulysses Butterfly Organza Tie-Dye

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This scrunchie was inspired by the magnificent Ulysses Butterfly, which is typical of the Queensland areas, Australia. You can wear it with your ponytail, bun, half-bun, or braid. These scrunchies will maintain the volume and they will gently hold your hair. This item is sustainable and ethically made, and it's hand-dyed. This item is Made in Melbourne, Australia. Being handmade, all our items are unique, none of them is identical to one another.

Material: Ulysses Butterfly Tie-Dye 100% Silk Organza (structured and stiff).

Dimensions: Mega: 18cm Diameter

Care: Dry clean only. If you wash the scrunchie in water it's possible it will not maintain its original look, as these are natural fibers not treated with chemicals. Please note these items are hand-dyed and might vary in color. No chemicals have been added to fix the color. Please be aware that they may stain other textiles if you wash them.

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