Good Vibrations Shop Incense Match Gift Set

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What is an Incense Match? Exactly what it sounds like! It lights like a match & burns like Incense! Easy to travel with and ideal as an at-home air freshener. Wherever you want to add a fragrance or eliminate an odor, this handy little match refreshes any space instantly.

This beautiful little kit makes the most thoughtful gift! Included: • Two incense Matchbooks (2 different scents - each contains 30 strikes & is foil wrapped) • White ceramic bowl and white sand for safe burning. • Beautifully wrapped with a colorful cotton twine bow & *colorful dried flowers. *Note: The types of dried flowers used may vary from photo.

Match Books come in 16 different fragrances. You will receive a random selection of Incense Matches.

How to use: Fill your ceramic dish with the white sand provided & follow the directions inside each matchbook. You light the match, let it burn down a ¼ inch, blow it out, and lay it in your dish. Now it becomes a stick of Incense, emitting a wonderful smell. Enjoy!

By Good Vibrations Shop