Specimen Large Titanium Coated Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster

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This beautiful Angel Aura Quartz specimen features a cluster of large clear quartz crystal points that sprout up from a white crystalline base and have a second generation of tiny, needle-like crystals growing out from the larger ones.  The entire specimen brilliantly shines in the light as iridescent shades of neon green, yellow, blue and pink bounce off the surface of each crystal, resulting in a wondrous rainbow glow.

Angel Aura Quartz, also known as Angel Rainbow, Angel Opal and Angel Lite Quartz, are quartz crystals that have been thinly coated in titanium to produce a colorful metallic sheen.  This process involves superheating the quartz, which allows the titanium to adhere to its surface and causes its mineral inclusions to leave white, cloud-like patterns of color “floating” within the crystals.

Considered a powerful meditation stone, clear quartz produces a strong energy that amplifies the spiritual connection; combined with the energy of titanium, Angel Aura quartz emits an abundance of light and love that pushes out negative feelings and replaces them with uplifting joy and peace.

Measures approximately 2" round at the base and 3.5" tall.