Mysticum Luna Green Witch Mushroom Headscarf

Mysticum Luna Green Witch Mushroom Headscarf

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Show off your love for nature with our Green Witch Mushroom Head Scarf. Honouring the earth and everything it provides us this collection is comprised of insects, woodland and green coffins, however we decided this simply wasn't enough! 

As avid head scarf wearers, we were quite particular in the creation of this headscarf. We wanted to give you all the luxury, without the price tag, and a large enough size for some big bow action!

This large, multipurpose scarf can be worn in multiple ways, not just around your head. It can be tied around a handbag handle or a wide brimmed hat. Worn as a headband or scarf, or just threaded through belt loops to glam up a plain pair of jeans.

INFO: Material: 100% Polyester Size: 90x90cm Black, Green & Brown design featuring Mushrooms, Nature & more.