Specimen Natural White Oco Agate Geode Quartz 405

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This Geode features a brilliant bright white center of small reflective crystals that sparkle in even dim light and a wide rocky outer shell, making it a specimen that beautifully represents the contrast between a geodes natural earthy outside and magnificent crystal inside.

Oco geodes, sometimes spelled Ocos Occo or Ocho, are small geodes typically filled with Quartz crystals and other minerals. Agate is composed of primarily chalcedony and quartz and has a microcrystalline structure, meaning its crystals are microscopic to very small in size.

Oco Agate geodes are grounding and balancing stones that vibrate with a smooth calming energy and represent inner self work and the idea of bringing hidden things to light. They protect against anxious negative energy and fuel the will to fight from within.

You will receive a similar specimen that may be smaller or larger than the one shown.