Nova Nail Bar Press On Nails Kit Rose Quartz By Ali

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Rose Quartz is a semi translucent stone with a subtle pink shade, formed through the process of magma crystallization.  The color comes from iron and titanium within it.  Its use in jewelry dates back to Mesopotamian times and it was highly valued as a love stone by Romans, Greeks and Egyptians.  It's pretty cheap to imitate, but because it's so abundant, it rarely is, so you most likely have the real thing each time you come across it.  What this means for us is that this Rose Quartz set is formed in fire, tough as nails (ha, ha) worth a lot, loved by all and authentic- just like you. Rose Quartz is hand painted by Ali @_aednails_

Set of 22 nails in a variety of sizes.  No need to measure your nails bed, you're sure to find the right fit for each of your fingers in the assortment sent. 

Each press on nail set is hand painted by one of Nova Nail Bar's talented nail artists.  The majority of the proceeds from each set goes directly to the nail artist that created them.  Doing press on sets allows them to keep working when there is a longer gap between clients, a cancellation or (don't even say it!) another Covid-19 related closure.  Thank you for supporting artists!

Nova Nail Bar is located inside of Mineral and Matter's brick and mortar shop.  Because who doesn't want the perfect mani to go with that new, shiny ring. 

Kit includes: 

22 high quality press on gel nails, hand-painted by Taylor

simple application and removal instructions (two removal options, including one method to reuse the press on nails another time)

nail glue

alcohol wipe

manicure prep kit

comes in a super cute, branded, sturdy and mailable box, designed by Alli of Hot Slice Designs, making it easy for gifting!