Phoenix Stone Fynchenite Chrysocolla Quartz Crystal Tower Specimen 417

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These unique specimens feature colors of blue green and yellow gold veining within bright white quartz and are cut into obelisk shaped tower points. Exposed veins of color left by the cutting process give these specimens a wonderful speckled appearance and natural stone texture.

Phoenix Stone, also known as Fynchenite, is primarily a Chrysocolla mineral with quartz inclusion. Chrysocolla is formed as a result of the chemical reaction between copper and water and the concentration and range of color within Phoenix Stone is determined by the amount of hydrated copper ore found within the specimen.

They are powerful crystals that impart emotional strength and healing through the pathways of the heart, providing courage and self confidence and dispelling negative energy so that it may be replaced with feelings of joy and self-love.

You will receive one specimen similar to ones pictured. Measures between 3 and 4 inches tall.