Raw Utah Tiffany Stone Specimen

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This specimen of Tiffany Stone is a beautiful purple color that has a porous rocky appearance and contrasting smooth, pale yellow crystal veining throughout. Its natural shape allows a large portion of the specimen to sit upright, making this a unique display piece.

Known by many names like Opalized Fluorite, Ice Cream Stone, and Bertrandite, Tiffany Stone is an extremely rare variety of fluorite that can only be found in the Brush Wellman beryllium mine in Western Utah. It is often destroyed for its beryllium content, further adding to the rarity of Tiffany Stone as a geological specimen.

As with other varieties of fluorite, Tiffany Stone emits a strong energy that enhances the physical and spiritual mind, especially as it relates to psychic ability, lucid dreaming, and intuition as its vibrations promote increased spiritual connection and awareness, clarity, and focus.

You will receive a similar specimen to the one pictured. Measures approximately 3x3x3 inches.