Real Sic Star Sign Astrology Enamel Pins

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"I don't believe in astrology; I'm a Sagittarius and we're skeptical" -Arthur C. Clarke

No matter your sign, people love ways to express themselves and connect with other people. We partnered with Green Goat to bring you these beautiful astrology symbol pins.

PREMIUM QUALITY LAPEL PIN - We go above and beyond to use the highest quality material to deliver the best product to you. Hard Enamel Cut Out with Real Gold Plating

PERFECT SIZE - 1.25” wide hard enamel premium lapel pin with cut out well suited for denim, jackets, backpacks, suits, & shirts for men and women

DOUBLE-POSTED PIN - We use two posts and included metal butterfly clasps for a secure, no-spin fit.

AMERICAN BRAND - Real Sic is based in Atlanta and sells Unisex fashion accessories for the sickest people on planet earth, our customers

The Signs:

  • ARIES - Fiery, passionate and opinionated, bold and ambitious, Ares the ram dives headfirst into challenges

  • TAURUS - Grounded and serene, Taurus enjoys relaxing environments, soft sounds and soothing auras

  • GEMINI - Always busy, Gemini wishes they could copy themselves. Interested in everything, this air sign is symbolized the the celestial twins
  • CANCER - Highly intuitive and able to manifest tangible space and read energy. This cardinals water sign represented by the crab
  • LEO - Represented by the royal lion, Leo is a fire sign that is theatrical, passionate and boundless confidence 
  • VIRGO - The goddess of wheat and agriculture, this earth sign is logical, practical, systematic and deeply rooted in reality
  • LIBRA - Lovers of balance and harmony, symbolized by scales, this air sign strives for equilibrium in all areas of life
  • SCORPIO – Passionate and powerful, this often misunderstood water sign derives its strength from the psychic and emotional realm
  • SAGITTARIUS - The archer, always questing for knowledge, this fire sign launches into many pursuits. Always seeking adventure, geographical, intellectual and spiritual 

  • CAPRICORN - The sea goat, this earth sign is able to navigate the material and emotional realms
  • AQUARIUS - The water bearer, a mystical healer and actually an air sign. It is the most humanitarian of all the signs

  • PISCES - Two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing fantasy and reality. This water sign absorbs the hopes and fears of all the other signs

By Real Sic