Space Delirium Stardust Mini Tarot

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STARDUST mini Tarot is a new version in pocket format. Now you can take your tarot everywhere with you.

Thanks to its minimalist appearance, you will be able to reconnect with your higher self via the different designs on the cards. This gives you freedom and openness to your own interpretation. The game is a Rider-Waite tarot but with the sequels (heart - diamond - spade - clover) as in the French tradition. It's a tribute to our grandmother who used to draw cards for us when we were little.

The STARDUST mini Tarot is composed of:

79 cards

22 Major Arcana

56 Minor Arcana, 4 suites of 14 cards each (diamond sticks, heart-cutters, sword spades, pentacle-clubs)

1 French translation card 44 × 68 mm

A rigid box

There is no guide included as we want you to create a unique connection to your game and give personal meaning to the cards.
Made in Poland

By Space Delirium