While Odin Sleeps Zodiac Air Signs Earrings

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*Sold as INDIVIDUAL earring (single) instead of as a pair, so you can mix and match to best represent your individual essence.

AQUARIUS: Eccentric individualist that may appear aloof, but behind their closed doors exists a creative and deeply introspective universe. 

LIBRA: These harmonious and charming peacemakers value balance both internally and externally. 

GEMINI: Refined and curious, these sensitive intellectuals can switch between logical and emotional modes making them both adaptable and complex.

Each earring measures 2.5" in length.

These brass earrings are powder coated in clear to protect the metal and keep them from oxidizing. The glossy black details are also very durable, making these the ultimate low-maintenance statement earrings! 

By While Odin Sleeps