Yellow Serpentine Crystal Tower

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These beautiful specimens of Serpentine are cut and polished into obelisk shaped towers that are a swirling mix of bright and dark green color with an abundance of light yellow and black spots; a contrast that creates a textured look similar to that of serpent or snake skin, hence its name.

The name Serpentine also refers to the process by which a specimen was crystallized (serpentinization), and not one specific mineral, so there are many varieties of Serpentine with different mineral inclusions and crystal formations. One of these varieties, chrysotile, was mined to produce 95% of the world’s asbestos; but no need to worry, gemstone Serpentine is cut from other varieties with larger crystal formations and are 100% safe.

Yellow Serpentine is an extremely powerful crystal with a multitude of metaphysical properties that can be activated all at once; it is a strong cleansing stone that quickly absorbs any negative energy surrounding it and has a long history as a protection stone, especially from those around us with sly snake-like intentions, all while attracting and radiating positive energies that stimulate physical healing and encourage clarity, love, and prosperity.

You will receive a specimen similar to the ones pictured.  Measures approximately 3-4" tall.