Heirloom Locket Collection - Love Locked Down

From being fit for a queen - quite literally - to a symbol of sweetheart(s’) affinity, the vintage lockets handpicked from our Heirloom Collection will now forever be the safekeepers to all your most precious memories.


Victorian Age/Era

1837 - 1901

Leave it to a queen to start a whole new movement in jewelry. It was Queen Victoria and her beloved Prince Albert that first defined the Sweetheart Locket; with Victoria being gifted a charm bracelet with eight hanging pendants, each containing a lock of hair from their children  - to after Albert’s passing  - where she had a locket dangling, his portrait encasing. A wearable reminder of the love they clearly had for each other and the beginning of the lock down of lovers.


Art Nouveau Era

1890 - 1910

With the introduction of the French era jewelry of Art Nouveau, the feminine, not the sentimental, was now the star of the show: Sweet-faced and natural, with hair in constant flow, it depicted its female subjects most beautiful with long lines and elegant curves; often set in enamel called plique-a-jour. And although there is room for both you and a portrait of your beloved to hide, perhaps instead, a floral solid perfume could reside? A subtle nod in celebration of all things organic, Nouveau and the feminine. 



Art Deco Era

1920(s) - 1930(s)

The rise of the Art Deco Era left a stark contrast to past locket and pendant wearers. Gone was flow, roundness and curvature; now sharp angles, squares and the geometrical were the favor. Even the hairstyles of the day were shorter, more rigid in shape. A direct dichotomy and escape to the rise of a woman’s independence and perhaps where the selfie was invented? So no longer were we wearing our painted paramours around our necks, but our very own self-portraits.



Sweetheart Era

1940 - Present

What goes around, comes around. And where our last era can now be again found; and also, quite possibly, where soldiers took Prince Albert’s original romantic gesture and cue and cut out heart-shaped photographs of themselves intended to be worn by their paramours until they returned from distant shores. A modern day definition of (a) relationship long distance that is now passed from one romantic generation to the next.


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