Libra - A Balancing Act


 Libras, today we tip the scales in your favor.

And wax poetic on all the things that make you so very worth knowing. (And maybe a little on what you should be donning, buying and wearing.) Take for instance, your need for constant balance. Scales are the signets of your sign for good reason. It calms and centers you to know that things are in an ordered, equal, organized flow. And why we think you should give our pretty and pink Large Rose Quartz Ring a wear and go. For its properties promote balance, peace. Two things we know you most ardently seek.

But we know that's not all that makes you, you. You're also quite known for your charm, intelligence, frankness and persuasion, too. So we thought, when you're not actively using them, maybe you could store them? In one of our Skeem Design Empty Cloches? In a nice and orderly balance of three. Or, if literal needs be, your favorite dried flowers or boxed jewelry piece. In any case, we just want you and all that makes you, you always properly and beautifully displayed. In Sky, Smoke and Violet-y shades.

And, last but not least, let's bring this full circle and back around to you and your love of making peace. Well, rather keeping it, actually. Metaphorically and atmospherically speaking. So why not end here, today, where you begin and start your every day centering and balancing yourself? With some sage? Our Elements of Sage Rainbow Chakra Bundle, when burned, balances your body's 7 energy centers. (And doing so while wearing our Rose Quartz ring couldn't hurt.) Creating the quintessential definition of your peaceful happy place. Not to mention it happens to look awfully good displayed in the/our above aforementioned cloche case. A balancing act most assuredly made successful, thanks to you Libras. 

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