Right-Hand Bling


Raise your right hand and repeat after we: I, [enter your name here], deserve some shiny new bling.

And we completely agree. But not just any piece will do for you, oh no, what you need is a cocktail ring. Either our Black or White Druzy, Squiggle or Sisters Three Opal Ring(s). Because, you see, the cocktail ring came to be back in the 1920s when women were first workforce entering; and by wearing it on our right hand instead of our left, it symbolized and meant our very own earning power and independence.

Another cool fact? It's also where the term "cocktail ring" got its definition and meaning; because we would often be seen wearing said bling while relaxing with a well-earned drink after a long day spent working; but never in a clear, diamond-y hue. For not only were these gemstones meant to mirror and match our current mood, but the color of the actual libations we just so happen to be sipping on, too. 

Well, so what do you say? What's the final verdict? Will you be treating your deserved self to some shiny new bling today? We may be a *bit* bias in this particular jeweled case, but we think no greater personal style commitment or statement could be made. So there. That's it. Proverbial gavel officially hit. Judgement handed down/made. Come on, let's go celebrate; kick our feet up. First round's on us.

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