Talisman Four - Charmed, We're Sure

Talisman: An object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and bring good luck (when worn). Or, in our case, four protective golden charms/amulets worn around your neck.


Luck be a lady, at least while this crescent shaped gold ‘Good Luck’ horseshoe representing all goddesses of the moon, is dangling open and down from you; to not only gather and receive your own deserved good fortunes true, but to assure that they can flow out freely for others to collect too. 


Renewal. Rebirth. And sunsets. All encompassed in a (CZ adorned) (scarab) amulet. Did you know legend has it that the scarab-faced god Khepri was responsible for the sun’s rise and set - so what better way to represent and keep hold of each day’s charmed gifts - than to have a fan-antennaed scarab gripping a CZ sun disc? Just be sure to hang it on your heart and chest for it to properly protect.


The Egyptian goddess Neith - and we - have got your front and back, especially when it comes to her talisman’s oath to protect. And while she wears her shield upon a crown, we thought it appropriate for our (inverted triangle CZ inlaid shield) pendant to be found pointing down from your neck and chest, as a charmed and gilded sign of (our) respect.


Feathers have long been known to be revered, quite deeply, as signs of lightness, abundance, prosperity. From the Goddess Ma’at using them to ensure all cosmic balance to their oft winged reference and semblance. To which we now use as our guide to symbolize in our Golden CZ Feather, an honor most high. And our own gift to you from the sky/skies.*

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