Dogtooth Spar Calcite Crystal Cluster Specimen 499

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This interesting specimen of Dogtooth spar features an abundance of large crystal points that are dark brown, gray, and translucent white in color and fan out from a natural dark gray-brown crystalline calcite base.

Dogtooth Spar or Dogtooth Calcite forms in caves as a result of the separation of calcite from water and has a crystalline structure that is made of twelve irregular triangular sides, known as a scalenohedron. It is this formation that gives these crystals their unique spiky dog tooth-like appearance.

Like other types of calcite, this crystal magnifies positive and purifying energies that push out negative energy, clearing the way for a stronger spiritual connection that improves mental clarity, awareness, and other functions of the mind.

You will receive the specimen pictured. Measures approximately 4x4x2 inches.