Vox Intra Chrysalis Breaker Deck

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Adorned with imagery of butterflies and cocoons, this is a deck of transformation and becoming. Exercises are meant to help the user develop their sense of Self, cultivate their identity, and nurture their independence. Your Self is who you are - your values, feelings, needs, thoughts, beliefs, boundaries. A poor sense of Self can "stunt" us in many ways in life, keeping us from living as our most authentic selves. This deck will especially resonate with perfectionists, people pleasers, or codependents-in-recovery, or just people who are wanting to explore coming into their own and living more authentically.

By Vox Intra

🦋 30 cards, and packed with exercises to help you develop mindfulness, honor your boundaries, identify distorted thinking, and more. 🦋 Dimensions: 3.5x5" 🦋 Packaged in a paper case 🦋 Designed by me (Karolina, founder) and printed in California