Specimen Aragonite Morocco Crystal Cluster

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This wonderful Moroccan Aragonite specimen is a large cluster that is completely covered in small reddish-brown and clear hexagonal shaped crystals. The uniformity of its crystals and the way they brilliantly shine in the light is what gives this specimen its unique beauty.

Aragonite from Morocco is found in the form of mud balls that are mined from just beneath the surface of Morocco’s hillsides in a layer of red clay from the Triassic period. Like the red clay they are found in, Moroccan Aragonite gets its rust color from iron oxide inclusions.

Known as the “Conservationist’s Stone '', Aragonite is a high vibration crystal that promotes a deep spiritual connection with Mother Nature, inspiring a more conscious and caring lifestyle and providing a strong rejuvenating energy that keeps you grounded and helps identify things that are most important in life.

You will receive a specimen similar to the one pictured.  Measures approximately 2.5” x 2.5” x 2”.