Specimen Cactus Amethyst Spirit Quartz Cluster

Specimen Cactus Amethyst Spirit Quartz Cluster

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This specimen features a white rocky base with a cluster of crystal towers that are abundantly covered in a glittery dusting of smaller crystals.  It varies in shades of purple and includes hues of gray and orange.

Cactus Amethyst Quartz is a purple variation of traditional Quartz crystal that can be round or hexagonal in shape and is largely covered by a layer of second generation crystals. They are considered rare, found only in the mountainous regions of South Africa.

Also known Witches Fingers, Spirit and Pineapple Quartz, this crystal is believed to promote the physical and spiritual cleansing of negative energy from the body and mind and radiate peace, protection, and purification.

You will receive a variation of the specimen pictured.