Specimen Chocolate Calcite Banded Crystal Tower

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These beautiful specimens of Chocolate Calcite are a dark brown color with lighter brown to beige striping or banding. They are cut and polished into an obelisk shaped tower and have a smooth shiny glass-like appearance, making them wonderful display pieces.

Calcite can be found all over the world and in many different colors depending on its mineral inclusions; Chocolate Calcite (or Coffee Calcite and Root Beer Calcite as it's sometimes called) gets its brown color from iron and can vary from light to dark shades depending on the concentration levels of iron found within each crystal layer of the specimen.

Chocolate Calcite is a powerful healing crystal that encourages a peaceful lifestyle and personal growth by stimulating the mind and providing the focus, clarity, and strength needed to identify and overcome negative behaviors and habits that no longer serve the spiritual and physical body.

You will receive a specimen similar to the ones pictured, in the size selected.  Small towers measure between approximately 2-3" tall and Medium towers measure between approximately 4-5" tall.