Specimen Lepidolite Purple Crystal Sphere

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These beautiful specimens of Lepidolite are cut and polished into the shape of a sphere and are a deep semi-opaque purple color with metallic silver and black inclusions that appear to float beneath its smooth glass-like surface.

Purple Lepidolite, or Lilalite, is found in igneous rocks that form during magma's final stage of crystallization. It gets its color from the inclusion of Manganese and contains several rare elements like rubidium, caesium, and lithium of which Lepidolite gets its shimmer from.

Lepidolite is a strong mood boosting crystal that because of its lithium content, is good for pushing out feelings of anxiety and depression and replacing them with calm soothing feelings of inner peace and tranquility.

You will receive a specimen similar to the ones pictured. Measures approximately 1.5-2" in diameter.