Specimen Sunstone Feldspar Crystal Slice

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These specimens of Sunstone Feldspar are cut into a small round slice that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and has one smooth polished side and one rough unpolished side, allowing its bright orange and semi-opaque white crystals to be enjoyed from both perspectives.

Also known as Heliolite and sometimes Advensurscence Feldspar, Sunstone gets its range of orange color and metallic luster from the inclusion of Copper and often Hematite and Geolite.  The thin plate-like structure of these inclusions, when cut horizontally to the top and bottom of a specimen, is what gives Sunstone its distinctive spotted appearance.

Sunstone is a powerful mood boosting crystal that emits strong light energy from the sun, clearing negativity and brightening the spirit by encouraging happiness and positivity.  It is also considered a stone of good luck and good fortune so carry this specimen in your pocket or purse to reap its benefits all day long!

You will receive a specimen similar to the one pictured. Measures approximately 2" in diameter.