Cedar and Myrrh Handmade Palo Santo Cone

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Wild Harvested Palo Santo Cone Bursera Graveolens Cleansing & Purifying Description: Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens). It is also known as the “Holy Wood”; which has been used by Indigenous Amazonian and Andean healers in sacred rituals to purify, attract positive energy and bring peace around them. Our premium Cones are handmade in Ecuador with sawdust of selected Palo Santo wood and vegetable gum. They are 100% natural without chemical ingredients. Scent: Pine · Mint · Lemon · Fireplace · Sweet

Directions: Light the tip and blow out the flame so that only smoke is produced. Place cone on the incense burner or plate and allow the cone to linger. when finished, the smoke naturally decreases, and the fire is gradually extinguished.

By Cedar and Myrrh

20 Palo Santo Cones 20 min. burning time. Burning time are approximate, actual product may vary. Product from Ecuador Manufactured for Cedar and Myrrh LLC