Leila + Olive Viola Lux Umbra Tarot Deck

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From novice, sprouting Tarot readers to experts whose stems mature with timeworn truths, Viola Lux Umbra will lead you along the growing path.

Each of the 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana are hand-illustrated with intention and drawn from traditional Tarot meanings to where the garden meets the cards. With its extensive bound guidebook, the Viola Lux Umbra Tarot will connect any reader's card pulls and spreads with clear descriptions of botanical names, elements, keywords, thoughtful interpretations, and poignant revelations.

The Viola Lux Umbra Tarot holds:

  • 78 hand-illustrated, original Tarot cards: the full Major & Minor Arcana illuminated and envisioned with fresh illustrations, plants, flowers and meanings.
  • Beautiful, durable cards with gilded Antique Gold edges.
  • Thoughtfully written, comprehensive bound guidebook that will inspire, mentor, depict magical meaning, and stoke intuition. 
  • A beautifully designed, highest quality, two piece box with lustrous gold foil detail to house both the Viola Lux Umbra deck and guidebook wherever you may travel.
By Leila + Olive