Specimen Blue Celestite Tower

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These stunning specimens of Celestite have been cut into pointed hexagonal towers with 3 to 5 semi-polished sides, and an open side that showcases and features an abundance of glass like blue-gray crystals that vary in size, are incredibly detailed, and can be viewed from any side. It is even more spectacular in person and would be a wonderful addition to any collection!

Celestite, or Celestine as it's sometimes called, is named for its celestial blue color which develops as a result of geological reactions with its potassium inclusions and forms in sedimentary rock as geodes.  The largest Celestite geode, named Crystal Cave, is located in Ohio and measures 35 feet wide with crystals measuring up to 18 inches long. 

With a strong soothing energy, Celestite has many physical and spiritual healing properties that can be used to detoxify the body, relieve pain, and calm anxiety and stress. It also connects the spirit with a high consciousness and encourages balance, peace, and harmony.

You will receive a specimen similar to the ones pictured. *Please note that each specimen may vary in shape and color as each one is unique. 

The medium sized specimen is approximately 2.5" x 5.5". The large sized specimen is approximately 4" x 6".