Specimen Large White Cave Calcite Crystal Cluster

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This piece of Cave Calcite feature a thin natural rock base that allows this specimen to sit upright, beautifully displaying its translucent crystal clusters. It is mostly bright white in color, and magnificently glitters in the light.

Despite its name, Cave Calcite is actually a variation of Aragonite crystal. It can be found in different formations such as delicate stalactites and stalagmites or as round clusters (cave popcorn), tree-like branches (flos ferri), or thin needles (frostwork).

White Cave Calcite, like other forms of Aragonite, is a high vibration crystal that promotes a deep spiritual connection with Mother Nature and provides a strong rejuvenating energy while also transmitting light energy that enhances its calming and purifying properties, resulting in increased patience and clarity.

You will receive the exact specimen pictured in the photo. Dimensions are approximately 10"x 4"x 2.5".