Holly Oddly Single Scratch Off Fortunes

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New look! These are now two-sided instead of folded and are scratch-off. 

Each fortune is unique and will help you on your path. When ordered online, your selection will be random letting fate decide.

100% recycled cardstock.

By Holly Oddly

Holly Oddly is peculiar paper and weird wares from rural South Georgia. Holly has a way with words and uses her quirky lettering to get her many feelings off her chest. Handmade greeting cards from recycled paper and almost no plastic packaging are just a couple of ways Holly is Earth-conscious. She also has two trees planted every month on behalf of Holly Oddly and donates towards the DBSA as ongoing support of mental health programs. Holly donates a portion of her retail sales to Parents of Murdered Children and her profits from her 3D cards to Black Girls Do STEM. Holly suffers from Bipolar I disorder and is lucky to have a career that allows her the flexibility she needs. After all, Holly Oddly is all about celebrating what it means to be SUPER human, not superhuman.