Holly Oddly Teeny Tiny Tarot Deck

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The Teeny Tiny Tarot is your standard 78-card tarot deck with bold cards that are inspired by all the things I find wondrous in the world, from skulls (I own a real human skull!) to Baba Yaga. Here are the suits: Sewing Needles = Swords, Skulls = Cups, Sticks = Wands, Eyeballs = Pentacles. Though my interests may seem a bit gloomy, they are paired with my fun illustration style and choice of colors. As you can see below, they follow the Rider-Waite quite nicely (without being a clone deck). Because of this, I'm not including an interpretation guide. In the age of the all-seeing internet, one doesn't really need a paper guide. 

The Teeny Tiny Tarot (TTT) cards are 58x88mm cards on 300gsm that are perfect for taking with you.

By Holly Oddly