Specimen Large Desert Rose Selenite Crystal Cluster

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This amazing specimen of Desert Rose selenite features a grouping of rosettes that vary in size and have white petal-like crystals sticking out from their beige sandy centers in a pattern that resembles a flower in bloom and are clustered together similar to that of a beautiful bouquet.  

Also known as Gypsum Rose and Sand Rose, Desert Rose is a crystallized variety of the mineral gypsum that formed in a radial pattern as water evaporated from sand basins containing high concentrations of calcium and salt, trapping and cementing sand within its tight crevices as it grew.

Desert Rose, like other selenites, is a powerful energy conductor that generates a strong spiritual connection capable of quickly releasing blockages and negativity that inhibit growth while providing the guiding clarity, focus and strength needed to persevere and overcome significant hardships and obstacles in our lives.

Measures approximately 5.5" x 4" x 1.5" tall. You will receive a specimen similar to the ones imaged.