Specimen Large Pink Halite Crystal Cluster

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This mesmerizing specimen of Pink Halite is incredibly detailed and features an abundance of small crystals that are layered together to make up its plate-like formation. Larger Halite crystals sit on top of its base of smaller crystals exhibiting the beauty of its cubic crystalline structure.

Pink Halite, a variation of regular or clear Halite which is most commonly known as rock salt, gets its color from the pigment of bacteria and algae that lived in the water where it was formed. Similar to other Halites, Pink Halite is considered a salt and will disintegrate if exposed to water.

This crystal emits a healing energy that moves through the heart and can ease the pain of emotional wounds. It promotes the clearing of negative energy and replaces it with feelings of love and peace and can give strength and clarity when trying to move on from the past.

You will receive the specimen pictured. Style 1 measures approximately 5x5x2.5 inches. Style 2 measures 6x4x1 inches.